Nutrition by the Numbers

How do I get the nutrition labels that accompany the recipes on this site?

Nutrition labels were a part of food packaging I’d always skimmed over; all I wanted to know was how many servings came in the package. That all changed when my younger son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes six months ago. Suddenly I needed to know the amounts of carbohydrates and dietary fiber in everything he ate.

This led to a daily exercise in math as I looked up the carbs in every ingredient of every dish I prepared. If I didn’t remember to write down the result, I’d kick myself the next time I served that food, since I’d have to do the math all over again. I love cooking; math, not so much.

Dinner became a word problem:  if 150g of a food has 6g of carbs, how many grams of carbs are in 227g of that food? We were weighing everything as I cooked–so dinner was late night after night as I tried to get my head around what was in the food so I could give my son the right amount of insulin. Most of the recipes I use are online, including my own, and it was cumbersome to do a one-ingredient-at-a-time analysis while trying not to burn the main course.

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