Cooking with Kids: Rice-Cooker Pancake

There’s a recipe sensation on the Internet this week:  the Rice-Cooker Pancake. I thought it would be fun to let my middle-schooler make a unique breakfast on this first day of summer vacation.

RC pancake 5While this was definitely a “your mileage may vary” recipe, we did eventually wind up with a successful pancake. It wasn’t as big and thick as the ones pictured in the original article, but my son pronounced that it “tastes like a pancake” and had fun putting it together.

Was it quick to make? Not really. The rice cooker thought it was done in under ten minutes, but I had to leave the pancake in there for at least 15 more before it was fully cooked.

RC pancake 1Here’s how to make it:

1. Gather up your pancake-making materials. In our household, that includes sprinkles.

2. Brush vegetable oil on the bowl of the rice cooker.

RC pancake 33. Pour pancake ingredients into the bowl, then stir.

4. Cover the rice cooker and turn it on.

5. The cooker will finish before the pancake looks done on top. I recommend taking a strand of raw spaghetti and pushing it through the hole on the top of the rice cooker lid to check for doneness. Leave the cooker plugged in with the lid on until the pancake is done.

6. Use a silicone spatula to loosen the pancake from the cooker, then invert a plate on the cooker bowl and flip the whole thing over.

RC pancake 8We discovered that in a 6-cup rice cooker (that holds 3 cups raw rice), 1 cup of pancake mix plus water was too much. We had better luck with 1/3 cup mix. That made one thick pancake for one person, and took about 30 minutes. It’s not practical when you want “seconds” but it was a fun way to make breakfast!

This recipe is easy enough for a 5-year-old to make unattended once he knows how much batter the bowl can reasonably hold.

So give it a try if you have a rice cooker and only one kid to feed!



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