Summer Cucumber-Dill Salad and My Imaginary Cooking Mentor

I’ve always loved to cook; I was making dinners for one since my senior year in high school. I had a job that kept me from eating dinner with the family several nights a week. Mom wasn’t going to cook twice, and we didn’t have a microwave. So she taught me to make simple dinners.

Monday-to-Friday-CookbookShortly after Hubs and I were married, I was wandering around in a bookstore when I found a copy of Michele Urvater’s Monday-to-Friday Cookbook. The easy recipes and hundreds of variations in this book inspired me to branch out, substitute according to our taste, and try new dishes and techniques. My copy has been marked up, highlighted, spilled- and splashed-upon:  it’s my most-used cookbook. This cucumber salad recipe is a variation on one found there.

Summer Cucumber-Dill Salad

Makes 12 servings0617141730a

4 cucumbers
1/2 cup rice vinegar
4 TBL olive oil
1 TBL sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 TBL fresh dill (or 1 tsp dried dill)

Peel cucumbers and slice down the middle. Use a melon baller to remove seeds. Thinly slice cucumbers and place in serving dish.

Let the kids help in the kitchen! Seeding cucumbers is a job kids 6 and up can handle.
Let the kids help in the kitchen! Seeding cucumbers is a job kids 6 and up can handle.

Mix remaining ingredients and pour over cucumbers. Toss gently to mix. Refrigerate at least 3 hours before serving.

This light and healthy salad keeps in the refrigerator about 3 days. Adjust amounts if you’re not feeding a crowd.

Since this contains no mayonnaise or dairy ingredients, it’s a salad you can confidently bring to an outdoor party or picnic.

LABEL Michele Urvater cucumber salad


  1. Oh I love cucumber salad. ^^ I make mine witg just vinegar, salt and pepper to taste or with just vinegar and fish sauce then throw in some chili for a little heat.


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