Cooking with Kids: Twinkberry Kabobs

Here’s a blast from the past:  the Chocodile Twinkie is coming back! chocolate twinkiesJust for fun, we paired them with fruit and created dessert kabobs.

We used ordinary drinking straws in place of skewers to eliminate pointy edges.

2014-07-25 19.51.53 Twinkberry Kabobs

2 ounces strawberries
1 fun-size chocolate-covered Twinkie (1/2 package), frozen
Also needed: drinking straws or skewers


Wash strawberries and cut off stem end. Slice berries into rings if they are large.

Slice frozen Twinkies into 1/2-inch slices.

Thread Twinkie slices and strawberry slices alternately on straw or skewer.

Store in refrigerator if not serving immediately.

Nutrition Information per serving:

2 ounces strawberries:  4 carbs
1 fun-size chocolate-covered Twinkie: 24 carbs
Total: 28 carbs per serving

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