My Grandmother’s Stuffing Recipe

In her own words. (My words are in italics.)

Remove crusts from 45 slices of bread. (This is the only step I skip. I even use the bread heels. Nanny would KILL me if she knew.)

Let bread stand for a few hours to get a little dry. (She always spread it out on paper towels on the dinner table. I got to help “flip” the slices now and then to speed the drying process.)

Break dried bread into small pieces. (Kids can help!) Add enough warm water to moisten. (Yeah, I know, you just got it all dried out and now you’re getting it wet. It defies logic. Just do it. And you’re going to need a BIG bowl.)

Saute 2 medium sized onions in (lots of) butter.

bells poultry seasoningMix the sauteed onion with bread.

Add 1 lb. sausage meat
2 tablespoons of Bell’s Poultry Seasoning (brand not negotiable)
1/2 tsp salt

Mix all these ingredients together so that the sausage meat is well distributed with the bread.

This makes enough stuffing for a 20 lb. or larger turkey. If you have a smaller turkey, cut the recipe accordingly.

The number of slices of bread is approximate. A few more or less won’t matter.

(It’s just not Thanksgiving without this dish. Hand me some stuffing and a bowl of mashed turnips and I’m all set.)

Since my kitchen table isn’t as large as Nanny’s was, I have to lay out all the bread on the dining-room table. Nanny’s dining-room table, to be exact. She treated that table with kid gloves. Around here, it doesn’t get that kind of reverence.

You’ll get about 24 servings from this recipe.

LABEL Nannys stuffing


  1. My mom’s recipe was slightly different, BUT the Bells’ Seasoning was very important. Also non-negotiable. I believe she told me once that when we moved south she had a hard time finding it so would buy some when she went home to Boston to visit family. Ha! I’m going to miss it this year since we’re going to my in-laws. Oh, and my mom would save two heels from the bread to stick in either end of the bird to keep the stuffing in.


    • That’s a pretty clever trick to do with the bread heels! I might try that.
      Whenever I see that colorful Bell’s box or smell the seasoning, I immediately think of childhood Thanksgivings at my grandmother’s house.


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