What to Do with the Leftovers from Thanksgiving

I freeze most of my Thanksgiving leftovers so we don’t burn out on turkey and fixings. I add a little chicken or turkey broth to bags of turkey and containers of stuffing to keep things moist.

You can use leftover turkey (in place of chicken) in these dishes:

Creamy Chicken Soup with Gnocchi

Chicken and Dumplings

Asian Pasta & Cabbage Salad


Skillet Chicken & Noodles

Creamy Enchilada Soup

Here’s a great lunch or dinner. I made two of these in my little Tupperware soup mugs:


tupperware vent n serve soup mugLayer these items in a microwave-safe bowl, and heat it up until the cheese melts.

Turkey (bite size pieces)
Mashed potatoes
Cheddar cheese for topping

All you need to bring along is a fork!

Comments are welcome!

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