Get Your Meatless Friday Recipes Here!

Lenten Meals 2015

Lent begins this week, so I’ve gathered all the Meatless Friday recipes on this site and connected them all with this link:

Meatless Friday recipes at Cook and Count

Bookmark this for easy Lenten meal planning! As I add more recipes to the site, they’ll also be available at the same link.

I also coordinate the Meatless Friday feature at, where contributors share their family’s favorites each week. You can find those recipes at this link:

Meatless Friday recipes at

So put down that box of Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks and feed your family some Real Good Food this Lent! Meatless Friday doesn’t have to mean extravagant, fancy meals; there are plenty of simple and budget-friendly options.

Remember to save the money you’d have spent on meat and put it toward your CRS Rice Bowl or other charity that feeds the hungry.


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