An Open Letter to Pyrex

Dear Pyrex,

I’m a huge fan of your measuring cups, and I do a lot of measuring. This is not only because I enjoy cooking and baking for my family; because I am the parent of a Type 1 Diabetic child, measuring foods has become a way of life. It plays a big role in keeping our son healthy.

I have Pyrex glass measuring cups in 3 sizes: 1-cup, 2, and 4. But my most-frequently-used cup, the 2-cup measure, was scratched on the bottom from people using forks to scramble eggs in there, and when I saw a display of new Pyrex glass measures at Target last week, I purchased one in my favorite size. I liked the new color too.

new Pyrex design

This morning when I went to use the new cup, I discovered that the measurement indicators were larger (great!) but there are fewer of them (NOT great!)

I don’t know how old the cup I’m replacing was, but it had markings for each ounce, beginning at the 2-ounce line. This one only has markings for every 2 ounces, beginning at the 2-ounce line. The metric side of the cup also has noticeably fewer markings. A quick search of your website and online sources for Pyrex cups shows that none of your 2-cup measures have markings for each ounce anymore.

This new cup is not going to be very useful in my kitchen. This is one of those times when “new and improved” doesn’t work out that way. I need more precision than your redesign is offering. I’ve been a loyal Pyrex customer for decades because of the precision and durability of your products, but I’ll need to switch to a different brand to get the measuring cup I really need.


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