About Cook and Count

I am a mom who loves to cook, and I have a husband and three children who enjoy eating what I create in the kitchen. I never worried about things like calories or carbs; I just tried to make meals and treats that tasted good.

Then our younger son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 11. Suddenly I needed to pay a lot more attention to what goes into the food we eat.

We were advised to try not to make too many changes to our usual way of eating, and we do eat fairly-healthy meals, for the most part (though we could stand to eat more salad, I’ll admit.) With that in mind, I’ve started adding up the carbs on some of our favorite dinners and baked goods.

Yes, diabetics can have bread and cookies, when incorporated into a healthy eating plan. But our son’s care plan involves counting the carbs in everything he eats and “covering” them with the proper dose of insulin.

That’s a lot of math, and I’d prefer to only do that math once. I’ll be including carb-count information with each recipe, including the total carb count so that serving sizes can be adjusted.

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